We LOVE Our Customers & They LOVE Us!

“These guys give alot back to the community.  I really appreciate what they do for our football team!”
– David Bennett ( CCU head football coach)

“I am from New York and have lived all along the east coast.  This is the best pizza I’ve found yet.  I love these guys!”
– Ronnie Santoro Keye ( aka KEYMAN)

“I am personal friends with these guys.  I love their sandwiches.  I stop by usually daily not only for food but also the fellowship!”
– Chris Sansbury

“I am nearly eighty years old and have literally done it all, but these guys are special.  I am a big fan of their wings, esp. the teriyaki ones!”
– Ray Langley

  • 5 star review  Got there about an hour before closing. Service was quick. Food was hot. They give you lots to eat. Three of us ate from a large shrimp and fish dinner with drinks for just over $25. Food was great.

    thumb James David

    5 star review  This was my first time here. I had to wait a bit longer due to my speciality plate. The food was amazing and the cashier was so polite and apologetic. They give you SO much when you order. I will definitely go back!!🤗🤗🤗.

    thumb Michelle Brewton

    5 star review  I remember when I was a little tea pot short and stout here is my handle you can pour me out. Basic they have good tea

    thumb ChillyBird123
  • 5 star review  Food was good service was great. Nothing special about the French fries but they were still good the sweet tea was very good while the hamburger was good I like the fact they put 2 slices of cheese and nice long bacon strips on it nice toasted seeded bun and juicy Tomatoes. For the hamburger itself it had good taste but not thick and juice

    thumb TOMMY Bryant

    5 star review  Great place. Food is good and the people there are very friendly. A great atmosphere. It's also a very clean place. You can dine in if you like.

    thumb SPN Fangirl

    5 star review  The service is very great. The shrimp dinner that we ordered was Awesome and we always enjoy our food there each time we go. The plates are full and running over to you have to get a take out box for later. 👍♥️♥️My family favorite restaurant.

    thumb D.D. Thompson

“These guys have always helped me and treated me fairly.  I was their first customer and i haven’t left their side since!”
– Ray Marlowe

” I am employed by Sysco and sell food to these guys.  By far, theirs is the cleanest establishment around!”
– Andrew Cooke

“My friend and I eat here several times a week.  We love their salads, esp. with their homemade Greek dressing!”
– Jennifer Dorman

“This may sound unusual, but aside from getting food, I stop by occasionally just for a fountain pepsi.  Trust me, they are not all the same.  Theirs is the best in town!”
– Sharon Carr

“I moved out of the Conway area years ago, but anytime I’m back visiting family, I stop by Santino’s (now Three Guys) for a Super Sub. I don’t know what’s in the sauce but it’s addictive.”
-Jason Lee (Woodbridge, Va.)

” I’ve always been a big fan of their pastas, but since they added chicken alfredo, i can’t get away from it”
– Joseph Higgins

“If you like sweet tea, you’ll love theirs.  I stop by alot just to pick up a half gallon of their sweet tea. Better than grandma’s!”
– Dorothy Bellamy

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